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The Chaos Within

The Chaos Within


The Greedier-Than-Thou Syndrome

The truth is that I haven't met a greedier person than the person I'm currently working for. He's so greedy that even if a UFO came to earth with a 20 ton load of gold and gems as a gift offering to him, he still would look for ways to double and triple his treasure trove. It's a known fact that however much we thirst or crave on a physical level our body knows and tells us when we've met our fill or limit. Yet, what I find interesting is that this person currently holds a financial wealth that can comfortably afford to accommodate all his children's' grandchildren - go figure. There can only be one psychological explanation to the reasoning behind this syndrome. This person isn't happy. No matter how much he accumulates or possesses on a material plane, he'll never find an amount that will adequately fill his belly - no matter how big his money vault is (even if it reaches a height that is above the tower of


The Latest Upon My Return...

Sorry for my prolonged excursion. I have been in and out of the country fighting off some evil jedi. Actually they had used their Jedi mind trick on me and the effects take some time to wear off.
As you know we're in a deep crisis right now, and the country is in deep shit. It only takes a casual observer to notice this. Just go out on the streets and you're bound to come across a worker's strike or a huge crowd of people rallying for their rights. The now-government(PASOK) has screwed its people over by borrowing from the IMF. Anyway, I won't go into detail about it on this post, but the important thing to remember is that we're debt slaves to them and we need to wake up to this. I came across a nice youtube channel that offers some nice insight on things. One of the many things he discusses has to do with the construct of governments. Make sure to tune in and educate yourself -
Till next time...


The Chaos within has been proven!

I need not boast over the title of my blog but as I was watching TV the other day a program came on the air that showed proof from actual politicians and experts of how corrupt and chaotic Athens has become since 2004. They showed pictures and cost statistics from that year and compared it to today. I don't have to go into details with regard to the numbers or conditions that were shown, but the truth speaks for itself. The deplorable cesspool that we call Greece has become the black sheep of Europe and has financial experts worried if it will hold out and remain a part of the EuroZone. There was a poignant testimonial from a young law student who highlighted the superior remuneration packages that students get when they start working abroad(outside Greece) after they graduate. He swore that when he finished his studies he would never return back to Greece to find work. And this brings us to our next controversial topic in our conversation, which has to do with the standard of living here in Greece. Aside from the low compensation packages that Greek employers offer the government's debt is so tremendous that they have nothing to spend on fixing up the messhole(environmental issues, etc.) that they've created from their ceaseless borrowing tactics. Anyway, I honestly hope that in some miraculous way we wake up and start making the necessary changes that are needed in order to make our 'home' more livable(for ourselves) and hospitable(for foreigners), or else I don't see much hope for Greece in the years to come. Everyone on that program was saying that things are going from bad to worse. If that's the case I can only predict that the population will start decreasing(mass exodus of people seeking refuge) since only those with strong roots(family businesses that have lasted for generations) will make it alive.


The 'Look-you-up-and-down-Body-language' Syndrome

First impressions means everything here in Greece. Before you even approach someone or greet someone they'll already have judged you based on your appearance. Greeks have this marvelous gift with their eyes called, "probe-scanning." I came up with that term myself. They'll look you up and down and not give a care in the world if you feel somewhat uncomfortable by their uncalled for innuendos. One indication of this is when they bluntly make a public mockery of you by implying something about your weight or your age. They'll usually ask questions like: "Boy! Did you gain weight? I remember you being lighter." Or, "Wow! you're growing some gray hairs; what are you 50 yrs. old?(when their age in actuality is about a decade younger)" If you've had a similar experience or would like to add something additional to this post, I'm all ears.


The 'Ugly-face-billboard-and-poster' Syndrome

If you've ever been out driving or walking in the streets of Athens -which obviously you have if you live here- one trademark that you'll see advertised on billboards is the zoomed-in snapshot of some guy's mug(face). Usually they're either individualized or with a group of people. Typically they portray a singer or a performer of some kind who will play at a concert sometime in the near future. Most of the mugshots of those who are being shown publicly are ordinary looking people like you and me; but some of them are just outright uncalled for. OK, I admit it, I've gone a bit overboard with the picture to the left, but I have seen some that come pretty close. Those that you'll see most often typify what I like to call the "John Gotti" look(as you can see from the photo to the right).
It symbolizes quite well the scandalous and fraudulent minded Greeks rather well -not only in their dealings with others but in their looks as well- since that's what they've made known to everyone through advertisements and by word of mouth. Their peculiar gaze helps you see right through them, and their gritty smiles reveals their coarseness. From a physical perspective they mostly display someone with unsymmetrical features(a thick brow area) and with a pair of teeth that definitely need some major dental work. That's why most graffiti artists do them the favor by blackening out some of their teeth and making them look even uglier. I believe these advertisements are a deterrent to tourists and to those who are visiting on business.


The sure way to rid yourself of any Greek-related stress

Have you ever been taken advantage of by the cannibalistic clutches of the so-called "social justice" system?

Were you ever deceived by someone pretending that he/she was really somebody else and then later to discover that you were scammed into it for the money?

Did you ever get your blood sucked out of you from a jealous blood-thirsty, fraudelnt-minded Greek(figuratively speaking)?

Did you ever get tossed around like some meaningless toy when all you wanted to do was follow what the other person had said to you - knowing full well that it was his/her job to know what he/she was saying to you?

Were you ever lied to to the point where it got you sick realizing that no matter how much you told the other person that he/she was doing so, they kept doing it anyway?

Tired of the typical idiosyncratic obliviousness; and, the eccentric foibles that tend to get under your skin?

Tired of being bamboozled out of your wits?

If your answer to any one of these questions was a resounding "YES" and you would like to let us know your experience, then you can 'vent off' your anger, stress, or whatever feeling it is that you still hold against the person/system by commenting below. Or, you can also navigate to a particular "syndrome" in the 'Archive' section to the left, and whatever is of interest to you just post your own views on what I've already stated.

Whether it be your daily trip to the supermarket or at work I'm sure we've all experienced some form of tension that has left us weak at the knees. Well it's time to step up to the plate and let it all out. If not for the sake of the Greek people at least to let our messages be inscribed here, and for our well-being.

In order for there to be no misunderstandings about the subject matter in which I write, the "Read Me" button at the top(next to home) goes into detail about what the purpose of this blog is, and how to use it. Since there might be some confusing terminology to a few of you, I've outlined some terms and background information that you will need to know as I continue to update this blog. Have fun!

Use the graffiti of your mind, and spray whatever it is that floats your boat.

Use the graffiti of your mind, and spray whatever it is that floats your boat.